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Best 5 Business Automation Software Tools in 2022

Automating operations in your business allows you to shift all of your focus from repetitive tasks and concentrate on things that matter the most. 

Business automation software tools are great in helping your business become more efficient, reducing time-consuming and repetitive tasks. The automation software tool helps streamline workflows such as payrolls, staffing, facility management, data storage, and much more. 

More and more automation software tools are being created day by day, but we chose the best five you can use in 2022. Here they are!

Top 5 business automation software tools you should use 

1. Happy Scribe’s YouTube transcription services 

Happy Scribe supports more than 120 languages and is used by popular companies like Spotify, BBC, and much more. Happy Scribe’s main automation features are transcribing and subtitles.

Businesses’ most common reason they will go with Happy Scribe are because of its transcription services with YouTube videos. 

Before or during the period viewers watch a video, they want to find out how the video parts are separated. Happy Scribe shows you exactly how to transcribe a YouTube video into text. This is a vital service for businesses who create YouTube videos every day and don’t want to write the texts on their own manually as it consumes time. 

This allows viewers to skip through parts they don’t want to watch as the transcribing process shifts this into text and shows the exact minute and second a particular part of the video begins. Not only does it save you time, but it also makes things more interesting for viewers. 

Otherwise, Happy Scribe has three different plans. The first plan is free and requires you to do everything on your own manually. You can upload files, but this will mean that only you will be able to listen to these files. This doesn’t really solve any problem and is very time-consuming. 

Paid plans give you the power to save time as you won’t be the one manually doing everything on your own. In this case, another human being will be doing the transcription services, and they will upload the file and even proofread it to make sure it is error-free. 

Pricing will be more expensive with human-made transcription services and will be up to 99% accurate. Prices with human-made transcription services begin at 1.70 Euros per minute. 

If you want to use their automatic transcription services, you will be paying 0.20 Euros per minute but only have an accuracy level of up to 85%. 

2. Murf’s voice over on Google slides

Murf’s voiceover on Google slides saves you lots of time in your business because you don’t have to spend hours editing voice overs for all of your business presentations.

If you are wondering how to record voice on Google Slides with Murf, then all you have to do is link your Google account to Murf, and then you are able to create voice overs with your business presentation. Although, before you do all of that, you must add the extension which is free to do so. 

If you don’t have a Murf account, you can sign up by using your Gmail id. With the free account, you get about ten minutes of free voice over time for you to test it out. Furthermore, you can add voice over scripts and have the add-on switched on simultaneously. 

To add audio to your Google slides, you may access the extensive catalogs of AI voices that are available depending on which plan you are subscribed to. Additionally, you don’t have to edit anything manually, and every slide will automatically be timed depending on the length of the voiceover. 

3. Abstract email validation API 

Abstract’s email validation api is used by over 100,000 developers worldwide, which helps them save time in validating emails. In contrast, they manage to validate over 50 million emails every single day! 

Abstract’s APIs are built for the use of powering business flows and processes at intense speeds. Most developers will trust Abstract because of their very reliable uptime and excellent technical support that helps you go live quickly. Additionally, when you go live, the experience is smooth, and even if any issues arise, they are fixed quickly. 

The domain of each email ensures that the email isn’t only live but even able to accept an email. The API checks if the domain has the catch-all configuration enabled or not. Otherwise, pricing is simple and cost-effective. You can start out with a free plan that grants you 100 requests without having to put your credit card in. The best plan, in this case, the scale plan, begins at $99 per month and grants you up to 100,000 requests per month, enabling commercial use, chat support, and even premium enriched data.

4. Help Scout’s customer support software

Help Scout is your all-in-one customer support solution for your business. It is one of the best alternatives for your business and helps your customers feel unique. 

Overall, the software makes customer service management very easy to do. Not only that, but it is simple to use and helps businesses build much better relationships with all of their customers. 

The key features with Help Scout are live chat, knowledge base, reports, shared email, and so much more. Furthermore, these features promote flexibility and enhance the customer experience in your business. 

Help’s customer support software allows you to connect all of the tools you are using by offering more than 50 integrations. With these integrations, your daily workflow management keeps on becoming better and more efficient. 

5. Gusto HR automation software 

Now, if you are looking for a powerful all-in-one tool that helps businesses grow in the HR sector, Gusto’s HR automation software is the right choice. The software helps take care of employee benefits, payroll, and everything else that is related to HR. With each paid plan, you get many unique features that fit your business needs. 

Gusto provides you with a single system of data-backed guidance, records, and even compensation tools that will help motivate and empower your team. 

The HR automation tool can provide full-service payrolls, attendance and time management, talent management, reporting and insights, employee benefits, and much more. 

Last but not least, employees have the Gusto wallet, a wallet in which they can use to track all of the money they have earned up to date. 

Why would you use a business automation software tool? 

Business automation tools have many benefits and advantages behind them that your business requires. Here are a couple of main reasons why you should use them: 

  • Saves time: One of the main reasons you would use a business automation software tool is to help you save time. Repetitive tasks get annoying, and this is where the automation software takes care of it all. Not only that, but you also get your results error-free. 
  • Cut down costs: it is more challenging to be error-free when a human being controls everything because human beings naturally make mistakes. That is fine, but this may hit your finances hard with every error. You only pay a monthly fee with automation software but get error-free results. 
  • Increase efficiency and quality: Since the software is taking care of the repetitive tasks, you and your team are allowed to shift focus on more important things in the business. With no mistakes being made, you deliver a better experience to your customers. It is a win-win situation for you. 

Wrapping it up 

Well, that’s about it for this article. Hopefully, now, you understand how powerful it is to have business automation software and how much it impacts your business. Remember, time and costs are essential factors to pay attention to in your business. So, these automation tools seek to help you increase your time efficiency and cut overall costs. 

This article goes into an in-depth review of five excellent business automation software tools that you should consider using in 2022. If one of them caught your attention, then stop and read even more about it. See how it may fit your business and what it can do for your business. 

Use all the resources you have- technical and financial, you have in order to do whatever you can to improve the workflow of your business. Otherwise, whichever business automation software you use, it will help you in many ways!

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