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Best Advanced Rest Client 2021

This tutorial discussed the best rest client for API testing. I will discuss here the top 5 Rest API Client and share google trends data for those clients.

There is a number of rest-client available, I have chosen the top 5 rest clients and shared features and a little intro about them. There is some client are paid and some are free.

Google Trends 2021


Postman is an API platform that allows you to create and use APIs. Postman streamlines collaboration and simplifies each phase of the API lifecycle, allowing you to design better APIs faster.


Fiddler is a sophisticated web debugging proxy application with an improved user interface for MacOS, Windows, and Linux. Unlimited sharing of saved sessions and requests for significant time savings, as well as specialised email support to keep you on track. It enables you to take debugging and testing to new heights with minimal effort.

PAW – Advanced API Tool for MAC

Paw is a full-featured HTTP client that helps you test and describes the APIs you design or consume is the most advanced API tool for Mac. It features a lovely native macOS interface for composing requests, inspecting server responses, writing client code, and exporting APIs.


Authentication, cookie management, environment variables, and code creation are all included in this simple yet effective REST client.
Electron was used to create this.

katalon studio

Katalan Studio is a useful IDE for quickly creating automated tests for all platforms and operating systems, regardless of application complexity.
A powerful recording tool for quickly capturing and preserving all UI elements for maximum reusability.
For beginners, a coding-free experience is available. Experts can extend their tests indefinitely.

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