Agile software testing

Agile software testing

Building quality into your software from the get-go to deliver outstanding results

In the times of continuous change, stay on track and deliver on your business goals by applying the right testing approach into your Agile environment. At Genislab, we focus on your company’s priorities, helping you set up and conduct Agile release trains based on extensive niche expertise and our internal culture of excellence.

We are proficient in all of the Agile methodologies

With Agile QA and testing in your value chain, you get

Faster time-to-market

Aligned team members for increased productivity

Flexibility and quick adaptability to changing requirements

Improved efficiency through test automation

Enhanced technical health of the end product

Reduced level of organizational stress

Running a large-scale transformation program?

Genislab helps you deliver continuous value through the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) testing services. We support you in focusing on core competencies when you opt for managed QA services to meet your long-term plans. How do we know? We have successfully integrated our team into an Agile-led program with over 150 participants.

How we do it

Step 1

We introduce the smart Program Increment planning.

Step 2

We balance the workload between sub-teams to cover all the planned work.

Step 3

We run program backlog synchronization between all teams to optimize testing efforts.

Step 4

We provide ongoing all-round technical support within your program.

Step 5

We apply customized metrics to make informed decisions and increase release efficiency.

Step 6

We use an Agile test automation pyramid to mitigate risks at all levels.

Step 7

We ensure smooth integration into your CI/CD pipeline to minimize manual efforts.

Step 8

We ascertain the delivery of a viable product after each iteration in line with the functional and non-functional Program Increment requirements.

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Bring Agile software testing into your delivery cycle.

We drive Agile implementations within multiple industries

Media and entertainment
IT and software development
Real estate
Automotive and logistics

We use industry-leading tools for test automation, performance, and CI/CD

The key differentiators of our Agile software testing services

Scalable teams of passionate QA engineers, located globally

A track record of successfully completed Agile testing programs

The unique Aquality Automation solution, created in-house by Genislab

A one-stop shop to cover all quality aspects of your software product