Ar vr testing

AR & VR testing

We are the ones to assure your app’s seamless immersiveness


Virtual and augmented reality testing for every application

From line-of-business and consumer-facing AR applications to VR games, our team will help you deliver a bug-free, reliable software product.

Enterprise AR & VR

We’ll test your enterprise AR & VR apps so that they could enhance, not disrupt your business workflows in the back-office, on the shop floor, or in the field.

Consumer-grade AR & VR

With Genislab, you’ll have a choice of techniques, from AR hardware to VR beta testing, to keep your AR & VR solution flawless and to secure high install and user retention rates.

AR & VR games

Testing VR games and AR gaming apps, we will detect every weak spot for you to offer a seamless, comfortable experience to the players.


Why go for augmented & virtual reality testing

  • Hedge against performance hiccups during immersive experiences

  • Guarantee your UX and UI are user-centric

  • Ensure your AR & VR app operates flawlessly across devices and platforms

  • Make certain the visuals are rendered just like you envisioned them

  • Safeguard sensitive user data against cyberattacks

  • Get an objective assessment of your AR & VR solution and expert advice on how to improve it


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How we approach AR & VR testing

Whether you need end-to-end testing experience or a standalone service, we’ve got you covered.

Hardware testing

We will put to test your AR & VR headsets, sensors, and other wearables to make sure they meet your goals properly and render high-quality simulation for your application specifically.

Performance testing

With an array of methods on hand – from load to stability to stress testing – we will assess how well your AR & VR software operates under real-life conditions.

Mobile application testing

We’ll perform comprehensive virtual and augmented reality app testing, so that no weak spot, flaw, or vulnerability remains undetected, be it with usability, network connectivity, or cybersecurity.

Security testing

Knowledgeable in global and industry-specific cybersecurity standards, Genislab will test your AR & VR software for security flaws in case it needs to process personal data or otherwise falls under regulations.

Usability testing

The Genislab team will run usability tests on your AR & VR product to detect flaws in its architecture, logic, and interface design. We also conduct augmented and virtual reality beta testing to evaluate your app’s initial reception.

Compatibility testing

We check if your AR & VR app functions smoothly across devices, consoles, and OSs and provides equally engaging visual and sensory experience to all users.


We deliver industry-specific AR & VR testing

The Genislab team combines testing proficiency with an in-depth awareness of multiple verticals, so we can tailor our testing services and deliverables to your particular business needs:

Banking and finance

  • Virtual trading
  • VR payments
  • Data visualization


  • Medical training
  • Augmented diagnostics
  • Pain management and relief


  • Warehouse planning
  • Cargo loading
  • Vision picking

Retail and eCommerce

  • Virtual showrooms
  • AR-equipped fitting rooms


  • Interactive learning
  • Virtual classes
  • Event recreation

Marketing and advertising

  • AR-enhanced branding materials
  • Immersive marketing campaigns


  • AR/VR games for mobile devices and gaming consoles

Real estate

  • Virtual location tours
  • Architectural and design visualizations
  • Interactive blueprints

Travel and hospitality

  • Monument augmentation
  • Interactive exhibitions
  • Virtual hotel tours


Meet the team who’ll make your AR & VR app fault-free

Experts in AR & VR technology

Driven by a solid expertise in AR & VR, Genislab knows exactly where to look for potential bugs and defects.

Testing veterans

With 20+ years of testing across multiple domains, we apply only tried-and-true methods and tools.

Case-by-case approach

Our team will focus on the granular details and challenges of your AR & VR software product to deliver bespoke testing services.

Focus on quality and compliance

We strictly follow the ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 quality standards as well as case-specific industrial and regional compliance frameworks.