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Blockchain app testing

Summary of learningGenislab AI enhances the efficiency, accuracy, and effectiveness of blockchain testing by automating repetitive tasks, identifying potential issues, and providing valuable insights for improvement.

Blockchain app testing

We help you build users’ absolute trust in your flawless blockchain software


With blockchains, the cost of a mistake is immensely high


Immutability of stored records

  • No data alteration
  • No information tampering

No retroactive impact of smart contracts

  • No redeployment
  • No updates

How Genislab solves blockchain testing challenges

  1. Transaction irreversibility

    Because of blockchain data immutability, no error can be reversed. So, we make sure that transaction details are correct before they are recorded on your blockchain.

  2. Costly live testing

    Performing blockchain tests in a live environment can be too expensive. We apply a testnet to cut down the associated QA costs.

  3. Fee-based transactions

    As any blockchain transaction comes with a fee, our task is to guarantee that all transaction- related processes in the network are error-free.

  4. Security

    We ascertain that the software, be it web or mobile blockchain-based apps, is not vulnerable to attacks at the network, user and mining levels.

  5. Multiple participants involved

    With a limitless number of network participants operating from different geographical regions, we apply emulators of OSs and devices in use, as well as test on real devices.

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Our blockchain testing services


Functional testing

We ensure that all the required functional ranges of essential blockchain product components are processed accurately, applying our creative approach to cover every possible user scenario.

Security testing

The Genislab experts verify that the keys storage and encrypting system effectively ward off potential security attacks. We will also assess the robustness of authorization systems.


Performance testing

To ensure consistent quality, we will identify performance bottlenecks, assure that the app works smoothly under specific workloads and is ready for production.


Integration testing

Our experts test the cohesiveness and operability of intersystem connections across all blockchain app environments and integrated components.


Smart contract testing

Our QA professionals will simulate, review, and predict all possible conditions in the smart contract logic and conduct checks considering dynamically changing operational networks, code self-consistency, and invariant bricks.


Test automation

We implement test automation to save time, considering a large number of nodes, their combinations and validations during contract processing, as well as the rapid network growth and transformation.

We apply a tailored approach to blockchain testing

Step 1

Project initialization

  • Understanding the specifics of the blockchain platform and solution
  • Aligning blockchain quality gates with business needs
  • Outlining a testing strategy
Step 2


  • Preparing test data
  • Creating test cases
  • Setting up the environment
Step 3


  • Conducting the selected testing types
Step 4


  • Analyzing and submitting test results
  • Providing the final quality report

Blockchain-centric industries we serve

Media and entertainment
Real estate


Testing tech stack


How Genislab gets it right

  1. In-depth blockchain-specific knowledge and skills.

  2. A well-balanced personalized approach to testing.

  3. Mature testing methodologies, such as shift-left testing for early and continuous quality assurance throughout the SDLC.

  4. Transparent and clear workflows, communication, and documentation.

  5. A quantitative process management (QPM) solution in place for making better decisions and delivering added value.

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