Compatibility testing

Compatibility testing

Ensure consistent user experience across all browsers and platforms with Genislab’s compatibility testing services

Genislab tests compatibility with

Screen resolutions
Operating systems
Connectivity protocols

Our compatibility testing services

Our company provides full-cycle compatibility testing services across platforms, browsers, and devices to cover each environment and ensure 360-degree uniformity of your software.

Cross-browser compatibility testing

Our QA specialists deliver cross-browser testing services to ensure your users have positive experience with the graphics and features across all targeted browsers regardless of the OS. With our experience in software compatibility testing, we assure consistent software performance for the entire set of applicable devices and OSs.

Cross-platform compatibility testing

Our team helps you render flawless digital user experience through testing across user environments. We consider each discrepancy caused by software incompatibility, including poor OS-level performance, UI inconsistencies, and platform-specific impediments.

Mobile compatibility testing

We verify the uniformity of user experience through cross-device testing against a multitude of issues and aspects specific to mobile hardware and OSs. To provide for all possible nuances, Genislab uses its fleet of 300+ mobile devices.
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Make your product perform at its best with Genislab’s software compatibility testing team.

Why turn to Genislab for compatibility testing?

20+ years of software testing excellence
Testing done with minimal overheads
100% successful test execution
Flexible engagement and pricing models
On-demand testing resources available
Transparent project traceability