Continuous testing


Continuous testing

Accelerate your ongoing digital innovation and boost customer experience

Continuous testing by Genislab can help you speed up innovation cycles and increase your user retention with fast-paced releases of flawless new features.

Improve business performance with continuous testing

Test at each SDLC stage

Conduct tests accurately and automate wisely at all software delivery lifecycle stages: development, integration, pre-release, and production.

Improve customer experience

Confidently ship fail-safe software products to build stable long-term relationships with end customers.

Speed up development

Accelerate time to market and deliver new features at the speed necessary to stay competitive with your picky audience.



Go for continuous testing with a pure-play QA provider

  • In-house R&D centers for developing highly effective QA solutions with innovative technologies.

  • Multi-domain expertise of serving industry-specific, custom testing solutions to unique challenges.

  • Test automation for all types of applications.

  • Containerization for testing each independent software component in its own environment.

  • Adoption of AI tools and more effective technologies to facilitate continuous testing.

  • Parallel performance testing for checking the system’s readiness for real-life operation.

  • Compliance with your industry’s best practices and standards.

  • Productive collaboration between development and testing teams.

  • 1,100+ passionate testing professionals set to bring value to your business.


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Optimize QA costs and decrease test duration

Aquality Automation – our proprietary test automation solution.

An open-source platform leveraging AI elements for efficient test automation. Suitable for various types of systems.

A single interface for the development and operation of automated and manual tests as well as the analysis of test results.

An easily scalable and customizable solution that can be integrated with other development and operations tools and frameworks.


Our continuous testing toolkit