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Crm testing

CRM testing

Get your CRM tested to reinforce your business continuity


At Genislab, we’ll run thorough testing of your CRM solution to verify that it performs as intended and cannot hurt long-term relationships with your customers.

5 key benefits of timely CRM testing

1. No customer data lost

2. Fully protected confidential information

3. Satisfied employees

4. Seamless customer experience

5. High brand loyalty


What Genislab’s CRM experts test

The Genislab professionals have developed a suite of services to ensure uncompromised CRM quality.

Functional testing

We’ll check your CRM features against all functional requirements to make sure everything works as intended.

Performance testing

Our engineers will simulate the behavior of multiple concurrent users and check how your CRM endures peak and continuous loads.

Security testing

To validate the security of your CRM data, our QA engineers will perform CRM security assessment to detect vulnerabilities and advise on security improvements.

Compatibility testing

Our expert team will come up with an adequate list of browsers, OSs, and platforms which need to be compatible with your CRM target environment, and test your CRM against them.

Integration testing

The Genislab specialists will check the quality of the CRM integration with other business systems in your infrastructure and assure that no data is lost on the way from the CRM to any other system and vice versa.

Data migration quality

If you’ve initiated massive data migration, our experts will check that the data has been successfully migrated from the legacy solution to the new one, with no disruptions to your business continuity.

Test automation

To expand test coverage and cut your overall QA costs, our test automation engineers can develop a turnkey automation solution that will meet your specific requirements and smoothly integrate into your CI/CD pipeline.

Regression testing

Our engineers will run regression tests to ensure no newly added feature affects the existing functionality.


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We provide QA and testing services for a range of popular CRM platforms


Expertise in your verticals

At Genislab, we have the Centers of Excellence (CoEs) that focus on testing across various domains:

  • Retail
  • eCommerce
  • BFSI
  • Healthcare
  • Telecom
  • and more

By onboarding engineers of the relevant CoE, we ensure that your CRM is tested with full consideration of your business specifics.


Why test CRM with Genislab?


completed CRM testing projects


years in software quality assurance


full-time QA engineers

R&D labs and Centers of Excellence across various testing areas and business verticals


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