Cyber security testing

Cyber security testing

A comprehensive evaluation of your software protection and compliance with regulations


Our security testing services

Vulnerability assessment

We combine manual testing and automated vulnerability scanning to reveal security weaknesses in mobile, web and desktop apps, networks, and infrastructure components. We classify vulnerabilities and assess their severity.

Security penetration testing

While simulating life-like cyberattacks, our ethical hackers perform cyber security penetration testing and try to get privileged access to corporate digital assets as well as evaluate the risks related to discovered security loopholes.

Static code analysis

We dig through application code to identify flaws that can result in security issues after release. We verify that code doesn’t contain errors and security controls are correct operating as intended.

Social engineering

Our penetration testers use social engineering to check employees’ readiness to recognize malicious manipulations and react in line with internal security policies, thus preventing breach escalation, network contamination, and sensitive data leakage.

Pre-certification security audit

Our team helps companies get ready for security audits through software security testing. We reveal vulnerabilities within our customers’ solutions and infrastructures to help them align their security posture with the posed security requirements.

Compliance testing

We zero in on testing activities for evaluating compliance of the tested solutions and environments with industry-specific and global regulations, including HIPAA, PCI DSS, FDA, and more.


Security testing models

We address customers’ needs by selecting a testing methodology that lets our team get the maximum information on the security state of the solution under test.

White box

Provided with access to the source code and knowing its functional specifics, our security engineers carry out scrupulous tests of the solution’s internal structure and its protection.

Grey box

With a basic understanding of the tested system, our specialists perform commands on the front-end to assess the system’s overall behavior and correct output in the back-end.

Black box

Acting as an outsider without any knowledge of the tested solution, our security expert attempts attacking it in order to evaluate its response and the adequacy of enabled security features.


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All-around application security testing

Enterprise software

We verify enterprise-grade systems at any stage of their lifecycle. Software integrations are also on our radar as we carry out API security testing to check the security of communication between enterprise apps.

  • Enterprise content and document management
  • Financial and accounting applications
  • CRM systems
  • Collaboration solutions
  • ERP systems

Industry-specific software

We provide security testing to check the immunity of industry-specific solutions and software ecosystems on the whole, supporting multistage business operations.

  • eHealth
  • eLearning
  • eCommerce
  • Media & entertainment
  • Banking & financial services
  • Manufacturing



We help companies shift from reactive to proactive security strategies within enterprise-wide DevSecOps methodology.

We assist by incorporating security testing into DevOps practices in place as well as by launching DevSecOps from scratch.

By making security testing an integral part of continuous development, we ensure ongoing security check-ups of software deliverables. This approach allows revealing security loopholes at early development stages and mitigating vulnerabilities before they get exploited by cybercriminals and affect the enterprise operation.


Our deliverables

Whether we do vulnerability assessment, web app code review, or mobile app security testing, we provide our customers with a comprehensive set of testing deliverables. We report the testing results and document our experts’ recommendations regarding feasible security enhancements.

A detailed report describing performed testing activities

A list of revealed vulnerabilities classified by their type and severity

A set of hands-on enhancements for each detected loophole

A step-by-step action plan for software security optimization


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Genislab CoE for security testing

We invest our resources into building up-to-date knowledge and developing effective techniques to continuously enhance our security testing services. We rapidly adapt to the ever-changing security market to provide our customers with the best security practices.

The mission of our Сenter of Excellence is to:

  • Keep in step with the global state of cybersecurity
  • Adapt new testing methodologies to our customers’ needs
  • Incorporate best practices into our testing activities
  • Explore and leverage new test automation tools



Why choose security testing by Genislab?

20+ years in software testing and QA

350+ completed security testing projects

Proprietary CoE for security testing

Expert-level command of security testing tools

In-depth knowledge and practical understanding of security standards and methodologies

Security testing integrated into full-cycle testing services