Documentation services and business analysis

Documentation services and business analysis

Making your software well-documented for development teams and end users


Why your software needs technical documentation

Consolidate scattered information on the product in a single document

Facilitate users’ fast onboarding and efficient handling of your solution

Simplify software configuration, customization, and troubleshooting for its administrators

Showcase your user-centricity and reinforce your brand image


Genislab’s scope of technical documentation services

Our experienced technical writers will put a body of technical knowledge into a unified and comprehensible document.
  1. Requirements documentation

    Involve Genislab at the early stages of SDLC, and we will create robust documentation containing requirements on the future software’s technology stack, functionality, usability, and business function to serve as a development roadmap for your team.

  2. Technical documentation

    Call on us to develop an exhaustive technical manual that would describe the software logic and functionality and guide technicians, system administrators, and other types of users through the management, configuration, and testing of the solution.

  3. User documentation

    Rely on Genislab’s technical writers to develop a guide that would assist end users on their journey with a detailed description of the application’s functional range and capabilities, containing clear operating instructions and actionable issue management guidelines.


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Our software documentation deliverables

As you entrust your desktop, web, or mobile software documentation to the Genislab writers, you will receive technical content that is:








Business analysis: a different dimension

When your company-wide standards for software delivery have grown outdated and unfit to accommodate your enterprise evolution, turn to Genislab’s business analysts. They will revamp and refine your technical requirements and approach by:
  • Reviewing your current software delivery lifecycle and business processes
  • Looking into any legacy documentation along with software and testing requirements
  • Conducting in-depth business niche and competition analysis
  • Refining business requirements and formulating new ones
  • Consulting on the choice and implementation of new software
  • Managing requirements adoption throughout the SDLC
  • Verifying compliance with the reformed guidelines at all software delivery stages