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Embedded testing

Summary of learningWe’ll make your hardware and embedded software work in tandem

Embedded testing

We’ll make your hardware and embedded software work in tandem

Why trust Genislab with embedded testing?

We solve the challenge of testing embedded software and hardware, which is defined by being failure-sensitive and resource-restrictive, through:

Setting up an appropriate testing infrastructure

Creating environment simulators

Designing test cases around a variety of applicable conditions

Tailoring the testing stack

Complying with international industry-specific standards

All-round embedded software testing

  1. Functional features

    We check for potential errors and bottlenecks by feeding relevant test data into the system.

  2. Non-functional features

    We test embedded systems in the constrictive conditions of time, energy, data capturing scope, and more.

  3. Environment

    We assess the system performance in a simulated environment using prototypes, hardware emulation, and other methods.

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We know how to test embedded applications most efficiently.

Genislab’s embedded testing is industry-tailored

Electronics manufacturing

Our methodologies

We rigorously test embedded systems to verify how secure and reliable they are. We can put your system into:

Black box

Based on the specs, we check the system with a well-chosen set of techniques, running the tests concurrently and in sync with your development team.

White box

We test your embedded system inside out at every incremental stage of the development to ensure its integrity at all levels.

Grey box

We take the best of the two methods – black-box and white-box testing – and expand the test coverage to 100% of cases.




With Genislab, you get

15+ years of experience

Cost optimization

System modeling proficiency

Safety-centric approach

Unique ‘mix-and-match’ of SQA best practices

Expertise in 11+ business domains

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