Erp testing

ERP testing

We offer a set of end-to-end testing services to ensure your mission-critical ERP workflows function as intended


Testing your ERP system by professionals helps:

Prevent software crashing at the go-live stage

Decrease the number of bugs surfacing after release

Ensure each module is configured and functions correctly

Ascertain data integrity after software update


At Genislab, we test across the entire ERP lifecycle

Our passionate QA professionals are proficient in accurate testing of any ERP systems’ modules as well as ERP platforms and their DBs in entirety. The process includes 4 stages:




Production support


Types of ERP testing we provide

Functional testing

Through both manual and automated testing, we ensure that all ERP customizations and configurations work to the requirements, including those for the software and hardware running your ERP system.

Regression testing

This service is to ensure all the correlations between the system modules and settings operate as needed after any changes are made to the code. To optimize resources, we enable test automation.

Performance testing

We run performance testing against heavy data flow transactions to ensure failure-free and sufficiently robust functioning of all the numerous ERP modules.

Integration testing

We ensure that each of the ERP system components and their combinations function accurately, including alignment and interoperability with other corporate systems.

Security testing

We perform end-to-end security check to ensure the ERP data is well-protected and not vulnerable to cyberthreats.


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Off-the-shelf ERP testing

Each packaged ERP system requires some degree of customization, which can result in defects in both old and new code.

To prevent this, Genislab offers functional and regression testing services specifically for such systems.

Custom ERP testing

At Genislab, we provide full-cycle testing of custom ERP systems with regard to industry-specific business processes.

We check each and every module to ensure proper functioning and guarantee the expected levels of security and performance.


Wide-ranging experience with different ERP systems

We work with dozens of recognized ERP platforms. Here are some of them:


SAP testing

Deep knowledge of the SAP landscape, tools, and integrations enable our engineers to deliver highly efficient testing services for SAP-based ERP solutions.

Assuring quality of new functionality for a leading developer of cloud ERP software.

Quality integration of eSignature into a customizable ERP solution for business management.


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