Iot testing

IoT testing

IoT validation and security assurance made simple


Whether it’s industrial or consumer IoT systems, Genislab provides thorough testing to help our clients drive their IoT initiatives forward.

We solve IoT testing challenges

IoT is leading the way in digital transformation and has become a fast-developing technology sector you can’t overlook. Although Internet of Things QA and testing presents several challenges, we keep addressing them efficiently by the power of our knowledge and expertise.

Access to the required hardware

IoT testing requires access to a whole spectrum of devices. Unlike regular applications, IoT-based ones operate in a dynamic environment with a number of diverse hardware and sensors.

Having an in-house mobile device fleet, Genislab’s team can test on real devices or simulate any IoT device, thus allowing for complete test coverage, be it IoT device penetration testing or other necessary project tasks.

Complexity of scenarios

As the amount of use cases and applications is growing, IoT testing becomes extremely complicated.

Thanks to our extensive experience and device virtualization, we can create and execute specific test cases even for the most uncommon scenarios.


IoT has become one of hackers’ most preferred vectors. With a constantly increasing number of connected devices, security vulnerabilities are now a major concern of IoT product owners.

With our deep understanding of the IoT architecture, we are able to identify security threats and address them by implementing multi-layered security tests in line with the OWASP guidelines.

Variety of platforms and protocols

There is a number of protocols, adding another layer of complexity. Now IoT QA and testing engineers need to validate not only separate protocols but also their interoperability.

At Genislab, we have access to advanced testing frameworks, experienced IoT QA specialists, and device simulation tools to ensure your IoT network’s is fully interoperable.


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Focus on IoT penetration testing

Small and large businesses alike are now taking advantage of omnipresent connectivity to provide better services to their customers. The widespread adoption of these connected devices, together with their security vulnerabilities, makes this technology an attractive surface for cybercriminals.

Our specialists use automation and advanced simulation tools to test all possible combinations of devices and sensors to ensure excellent software quality.

Genislab recognizes how important your IoT network security is for your users’ trust. That’s why our experts apply white-hat hacking to your software in order to reveal all possible loopholes.


How we approach security testing


At the initial stage of business analysis, we determine your project’s goals, required setup and testing schedule.


We perform both manual and automated penetration testing of IoT devices and applications to detect all system flaws which can put your data at risk.


Throughout the IoT devices penetration testing cycle, we provide exhaustive reports on our findings, which include:

  • Identified vulnerabilities
  • Tools and methods used to exploit system flaws
  • Recommendations on addressing the detected risks


Advantages of working with Genislab

Full scope of IoT testing

We cover everything from connectivity and usability to security testing to help your product find its audience faster and withstand any potential cyber-attacks.

1,500+ completed projects

With 20+ years of hands-on testing practice behind us, we can expertly identify IoT issues present and adjust our testing methodologies to each project.

R&D and Centers of Excellence

We have set up dedicated R&D labs and Centers of Excellence to develop our industry- and domain-specific knowledge, ranging from oil production to public administration software QA.