Localization testing

Localization testing

We make sure your application speaks users’ language

Genislab’s localization testing coverage

Our team assesses your software compliance with the linguistic and cultural specifics of your target audience and helps correct off-putting errors and inaccuracies.

Compliance testing

Genislab examines whether your solution supports the spelling rules and formatting standards of the target language and correctly displays the following:
  • Letters and punctuation symbols
  • Direction of writing
  • Number, date and time formatting
  • Measurement systems
  • Addresses and phone numbers

Localized GUI testing

Our team assesses if the localized content properly fits into the solution’s GUI and does not disrupt the layout integrity, by focusing on such aspects as:
  • Typographic alignment
  • Number truncation
  • Accent character spacing
  • Hyphenation
  • Text collation
  • Capitalization
  • Buttons and image captions

Functional testing

We seek out localization-related glitches in the system’s operation and look into the following content-related functions:
  • Text input
  • Text output in the proper format
  • Hotkeys
  • Hyperlinks
  • Alphabetical and numerical sorting

Solution-centric localization testing services

Depending on your solution, we arrive at a precise scope of well-rounded testing tactics to properly address localization challenges specific to particular software types.
  • Websites

    We focus on testing how localization affects website UX/UI and its mobile-friendliness, and evaluate how well the content is optimized for the target audience’s comprehension.
  • Mobile apps

    Our team tests how the localized content of your Android, iOS, or hybrid app looks on different screens and tracks down ensuing disruptions in the navigation, menus, and general look and feel.
  • Desktop software

    Genislab checks for localization-inflicted malfunctions in the functionality and ensures user experience consistency by examining the solution’s input controls, navigational elements, and information components.

Advantages of fault-free localization

Deliver impeccably tailored user experience to make a good first impression on foreign users
Verify adherence to local standards and conventions
Avoid withdrawing your software from the market for further refinement
Secure against ambiguity of content or functionality and reduce the number of support calls
Ensure a broader market coverage and get a better return on investment
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Learn how our company can apply localization testing to make your solution fit for the target market.

Testing step by step

As you hand over your software to the Genislab team, we will proceed with our established strategy that allows for end-to-end localization testing coverage and consistently good quality.

i18n: go further with internationalization testing

Include internationalization assessment into the pre-release testing scope and pave the way for your software’s borderless adoption on the global market.

What’s in it

Through reviewing your application’s interface, usability, and back-end functionality from a more global angle, the Genislab team evaluates if it can be successfully adapted to a new, previously unsupported language and formatting without modifications in its source code.

What you get

Upon completion, you will receive a comprehensive report outlining all the pain points and deficiencies that may complicate further localization, including recommendations for addressing them.

Your QA team at a glance

Equipment on hand

To provide for all mobile-specific localization test cases, Genislab has over 300 assorted mobile devices at our disposal. We can also easily set up a fleet of virtual machines.

Regional awareness

Over 20+ years in software testing, our localization QA specialists have been gaining vast knowledge of the linguistic and cultural standards of multiple countries and locales.

Full-cycle testing engineers

Providing for end-to-end testing coverage, the Genislab team can go beyond localization testing and take on the task of ensuring all-round quality and airtight security of your software.