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Managed qa


Managed QA

A service to cover all your software QA needs, so that you can focus on your core business goals


Managed QA for your long-term transformation programs

Helping assure high-class software quality to meet your business needs faster at a reasonable cost, managed QA provides:

Decreased total cost of ownership for your QA setup

No investment in infrastructure needed

Uncompromised quality at fast-paced delivery

Access to our top-tier tech stack and know-how


Managed QA services from Genislab embrace:

All quality-related issues covered

We will adapt our managed QA service pack so that it aligns with your development process and quality-related challenges.

Transparent efficiency measurement

Our experts adjust KPIs to your business needs in order to increase collaboration transparency.

Digital transformation support

Our team tailors QA to achieve high-grade quality goals for all project types, including digital enterprise transformation.

High reliability and visibility

We ensure the quality of service with SLAs. You will be able to regularly track and view the work in progress via ad-hoc and scheduled reports.

Toolset and test environment setup

We select precise testing tools and configure the test environment for your software to provide proper conditions for running the tests.

Access to high-skilled talent pool

You can choose your team members and interview them, getting control over the composition of your dedicated testing crew that will adapt flexibly to any arisen changes.


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Do you want to hand over testing to keep your focus on business matters? Find out more about our managed QA services.


Set up your own Testing Center of Excellence

As we’ve seen in our practice, managed QA can often transform how testing is done at enterprises and trigger establishing a proprietary Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE). At Genislab, we help you:

Evaluate your readiness for a TCoE

Support you in setting up and managing it

Adopt best practices to assure resource optimization


Our fundamentals of managed QA

  1. Commitment to your success

    Integrity and reliability are at the core of any relationship. We fully commit to supporting the quality of your software, while also suggesting improvements where applicable.

  2. Smart team scalability

    We quickly ramp up QA teams and provide an opportunity to scale them up or down when required.

  3. QA best practices

    Our expertise is based on real-life domain and technology experience, demonstrated by our outstanding track record.

  4. Adherence to high standards

    With 20 years of delivering added value, we have built a culture of excellence for solving business-critical tasks, and established high standards to support our professionalism.

  5. Unmatched flexibility

    We strive to find the best-fitting solution to the client’s unique business challenges through the ‘mix-and-match’ approach to QA services.


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