Mobile app testing

Mobile app testing

Unbiased mobile testing for maximal user buy-in and fail-safe performance of your product


Our mobile application testing services

We deliver end-to-end mobile testing services ensuring that your software shows stellar quality at all levels.

Compatibility testing

We assess your product compatibility with its target environments (devices, OSs, browsers) as well as operational guidelines imposed by app stores.

Functional testing

Our QA team runs mobile testing of your app against all of its functional requirements, from the interface to the mobile backend, to make sure the app behaves as expected.

Performance testing

We check system resources for weak spots and bottlenecks that may affect memory use, load resilience, and stability, rigorously testing performance at both the client- and server-sides.

Network connectivity

We test how the app performs under various network types, connection speed, and quality levels, including slow and interrupted connection.

Interrupt testing

We evaluate how your app behaves when interrupted by other mobile apps and system events (incoming calls, charging, turning Bluetooth on/off, etc.).

Usability testing

Our experts identify usability issues through UX audit and testing to help you make the app as enjoyable and engaging for end users as possible.

Security testing

We run all-round vulnerability assessment and cybersecurity tests to assure your app protection and compliance with OWASP Mobile Top 10 and other standards.


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Turn to Genislab’s mobile app testing services to let no bug or deficiency escape.



In-house mobile QA Center of Excellence

Providing mobile application testing services since the early days of Genislab, we’ve been continuously consolidating our expertise within our proprietary center of app testing excellence. It is our professional training and research hub where we:

Monitor and try out emerging testing technologies and methodologies

Accumulate and share our knowledge and best practices

Train and certify our mobile testing engineers


Testing on real devices

To check all the aspects of your mobile app operation, we choose only real devices, no emulators or simulators involved. Application testing on real devices helps evaluate how your app performs in life-like conditions:

A highly dynamic environment matching your users’ real experience

Reliable replication of human logic and control over the app

100% coverage of user interaction scenarios


Why test your mobile app with Genislab?

330+ mobile app testing engineers

220+ completed mobile QA projects

20+ years of experience

Testing on real devices only

In-house mobile QA Center of Excellence

Tried-and-true testing methodologies


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