Software lifecycle QA

Software lifecycle QA

An all-embracing service package to deliver you the best of QA


Reach your business objectives with full-cycle testing

With our independent quality assessment, Genislab helps your team focus on the programming side and reduce the development time by spotting bugs and defects that no one could foresee.

End-to-end test coverage

Throughout lifecycle QA, we conduct all needed types of testing: functional, performance, security, GUI, usability, database, compatibility, accessibility, localization, and more to ensure an optimized test coverage.

Complete process transparency

We provide complete transparency of our software testing activities and take full responsibility for them. Also, we seamlessly integrate with your business and development processes for full testing alignment.

Established KPIs

We always establish the most important QA KPIs and keep you informed about their status that you can track our progress with the testing tasks and check if our intermediate results align with your goals.


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Deliver a high-quality software product quicker with end-to-end QA.


Already have a QA team?

Benefit from our 20+ years of industry and technology expertise accumulated in our proprietary:

Centers of Excellence (CoE)


  • Security testing
  • Mobile application testing
  • QA consulting, and more


  • Retail
  • Telecom
  • BFSI


  • Test automation
  • Performance testing

Advance with our well-defined testing approach comprising the detailed definition and confirmation of:

  • Project stages and goals
  • Testing types and coverage
  • Testing documentation
  • Proven testing methods
  • Project success criteria and KPIs


A-to-Z reporting on every stage of software development

With our dedicated software testing practice, Genislab is competent in providing detailed reporting at each development stage or on-demand.

Capable of showing high productivity from the get-go, we deliver clear and complete testing results, keeping you informed about the product quality status.

  • Quality reports
  • Build/release reports
  • Iteration results
  • Delivery reports

Type-specific reports
(performance, accessibility, compatibility, usability, etc.)

  • Test status reports
  • Daily status reports
  • Test efforts reports
  • Monthly efforts reports



Why choose lifecycle QA by Genislab?

Years of evolving
QA expertise

With a 20-year track record in SQA, we have gathered technology-centric QA expertise across a variety of industries (IT, BFSI, telecom, retail, eHealth, and more).

A pool of motivated
QA Jedi

In our in-house QA Academy, skilled tutors work tirelessly to conduct exclusive training for QA engineers and managers to update their skillsets in specific industries and technologies.

Complete QA support
throughout SDLC

Excelling at the complete range of testing services, from functional testing to Agile QA, we wisely pick the best options for you depending on your software type, product specifics, and business needs to be met.