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Software testing projects


Project-based software testing

A flexible cooperation program to meet your project needs on request


When project-based testing is what you need

One-off testing

You need a one-time assessment of your current software quality.

Long-term QA

Your software requires continuous testing within a specific QA niche.

Innovation-driven projects

You have to implement new methodologies or practices but want to start small with a PoC.


You want to make sure that existing software can be integrated into your IT landscape.


You need to assure that your product complies with specific standards like HIPAA, GDPR, AAA, or other.

Our project-based testing comes at a fixed price

We will help you find the best solution in terms of quality and expected outcomes.


  • Send in the requirements
  • Set delivery deadlines and conditions


  • Supports you at defined project stages
  • Allocates precisely measured workforces and environments
  • Makes the most of QA to achieve quality at speed
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Your minimal participation for maximal returns

When starting your testing project with Genislab, you don’t have to think about technicalities or project administration. From the team ramp-up to infrastructure setup, we’ve got it all covered for you.

We make sure you

Get your dedicated project manager and team members all carefully selected

Stay informed about project goals, task progression, and results at all times

Understand the scope of the efforts required on your side in advance

Have transparent estimates at hand


Our project-based software testing stages

By closely cooperating with you, we will help you work out the scope, terms and deliverables for the project.

Scope definition

We start out by assessing the testing requirements and plans, advising on the best testing solution.


We move to test case design and test execution leading to issue detection and assessment, with bugs recorded in real time via an online tracking tool.


You will be able to control the progress regularly, with detailed progress reports sent daily or at other agreed intervals.


Working with Genislab, you benefit from

The problem-solving mentality of our QA professionals

Flexibility in handling any ad-hoc requests

Proactive communication and detailed reporting

A complete range of software testing competencies

If you have requirements that needs our attentioN

Please feel free to contact us

We would love to hear from you

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