System integration testing

System integration testing
We make the dots connect for your system to behave accurately


Genislab ensures that your entire IT application works without a hitch, helping you meet your business objectives.

Be confident in your system’s connections

Even with component testing done accurately, any incompatible modules present in the system can compromise its functionality and performance. Genislab ensures a seamless data flow between components and detects reliability problems at the last SDLC stages. Whether it’s mobile, web or desktop software product, here are 3 reasons you need integration testing:

To provide smooth system migration

To check integrated software at the end of each program increment

To assure flawless integration of development components created by different teams


Why choose end-to-end software integration testing with Genislab

It’s a common assumption that after successful unit testing all individual components will work together without problems.

However, because of the complexity and inherent disparity of software modules, you often need to make sure that the same logic was applied throughout for the whole system to perform flawlessly and that all requirements were specified correctly.

Our passionate quality assurance professionals will help you

  • Optimize testing time and development budget
    Save time and costs via continuous integration with automated testing to detect bugs overlooked during unit and component testing.
  • Assess integration quality
    Validate the interoperability and reliability of interactions between multiple system modules.
  • Test smarter
    Provide uninterrupted deployment for a highly integrated software product.


Our integration testing strategies

Before the start, Genislab’s specialists will consider the software complexity, deadlines, and other factors to identify the most suitable integration testing method. Our four key system integration testing practices are:

Big Bang

We evaluate all software components at once, which is suitable for testing small-scale systems.


Starting with high-level components, we use stubs to emulate lower-level ones. This widely used practice is perfect for testing bigger systems.


Testing low-level units first, we use drivers to emulate high-level ones and move gradually to top-level modules until the entire developed system is tested to ensure its smooth rollout.


We ensure that top and bottom modules within the software being built off the ground are integrated simultaneously.


Our integration testing services at a glance

Functional integration testing

We ascertain that your software works as intended after modules are integrated.

Data integration testing

We make sure that data from different sources is consolidated properly.

Automated regression testing

We verify that software extension, optimization, or implementation of new features don’t cause the previously stable system to fail.

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Automated integration testing

Increase speed and efficiency

Our automated tests can be run continuously in the background, allowing for faster feedback and more time for your employees to focus on exploratory testing and other challenging tasks that impact end-users’ satisfaction.

Eliminate error probability

Test automation enhances the reliability and accuracy of integration testing, leveraging reusable scripts. At Genislab, we apply AI and ML to generate and update autotests and test data, eliminating possible human errors.

Decrease the costs of new releases

Automated integration testing reduces the time needed to launch bug-free software while utilizing fewer resources spent on functional monitoring of IT systems.

Why Genislab?

Quality guarantee

We back the finest quality of our services with a detailed Service Level Agreement.

20+ years of experience

We’ve spent more than 20 years refining our methods to make sure we use the most efficient practices for you.

Testing tailored to your needs

Our QA team will rigorously test your app with your end-users and target platforms in mind.