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We are happy to answer your questions and help you deliver computer vision.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Viso Suite is the world’s only end-to-end platform for computer vision. It enables teams to rapidly train, create, deploy and manage computer vision applications – without writing code from scratch.

Use Viso Suite to deliver industry-leading computer vision and real-time deep learning systems with low-code and automated software infrastructure. Get the Viso Suite Whitepaper.

Everything you need to adopt and deliver computer vision:

  • Collect data for computer vision training.
  • Annotate video data directly within Viso Suite.
  • Develop computer vision apps with pre-built modules in a drag-and-drop editor.
  • Deploy apps to any computer (device), use video streams of network cameras, webcams, and more.
  • Monitor application output data (insights) in custom cloud dashboards.
  • Extend apps with your own code and AI models, easily connect other systems.
  • Scale on fully managed, robust infrastructure with built-in security and encryption.

The use of traditional development methods, fragmented software tools, and the lack of experienced engineers are costing organizations lots of time and lead to inefficient, low-performing and expensive computer vision systems.

Read the ROI Impact Study: Using Viso Suite, organizations could manage the entire computer vision lifecycle end-to-end, build and deliver better applications faster, and automate complex tasks with groundbreaking no-code technology.

The Viso Suite is the world’s only end-to-end computer vision application development platform:

  • Low-code to speed up development and testing of applications – 10x faster time to market.
  • Save time and costs, no need to host infrastructure – the best open-source tools out of the box.
  • Pay as you grow, simple, transparent, and predictable prices – no surprises (one monthly fee covers all)
  • Fast results with pre-built templates, from PoC to highly scalable systems in production.
  • Built-in tools for remote access, testing, and debugging.
  • Fully automated edge-to-cloud infrastructure with brick-safe deployments.
  • Edge AI powers on-device machine learning (privacy-preserving).
  • Seamlessly migrate to new hardware or software algorithms.
  • Deployment management to safely roll out large systems.

With Viso Suite, you’ll save a lot of time and costs for development, integration, and infrastructure. Read the Evaluation Guide.

Every plan has full access to Computer Vision and Deep Learning software that is fully integrated. We constantly integrate state-of-the-art image recognition and video analysis software. Explore the Viso Suite Evaluation Guide.

  • Video Stream input from files, single or multiple cameras
  • Pre-processing, Region of Interest, Polygon, Heatmaps
  • Object detection, Person detection, Animal detection
  • Pose estimation, Keypoint detection, and Keypoint tracking
  • Facial attribute analysis, face detection, and recognition
  • Object Segmentation, Image Segmentation
  • Object classification, Image Classification
  • Custom AI model integration

Integrate those capabilities to build complete computer vision applications using a wide range of functions (if-this-then-that) and extensions to send conditional emails, SMS, alerts, and more.

Viso Suite is a powerful platform that automates software and infrastructure. The complete computer vision solution is suitable for organizations and enterprises with cross-functional and expert teams.

Get started by requesting a demo. We help you select the best plan for your organization and use case. We will create your account and provide all the services you need to power computer vision successfully.

You find the plans here. Every plan includes all computer vision modules, gives you full access to all software tools, all AI models, and scalable cloud infrastructure. Talk to sales and get your quote.

Save a lot of time and costs with Viso Suite. Avoid writing code from scratch and integration hassles, and use powerful AI models out-of-the-box.

Real-world computer vision is highly complex and requires sophisticated architectures and various software tools to form a toolchain.

Viso Suite is the easiest way to deliver powerful and future-proof computer vision applications using no-code and low-code technology.

  • The comprehensive enterprise platform is ready for professionals who need to deliver business-grade applications.
  • All tools do not require coding or experience to use. From enrolling a device to building a deep learning solution, releasing application versions, and monitoring metrics in real-time.

We are flexibly: Every organization has a different level of knowledge in computer vision. With our team of AI engineers and partners worldwide, we provide on-demand support and full solution services.

Low-code options for developers:

  • Developers can easily add custom Python or Javascript code, Docker containers, and AI models using our SDK.
  • Enable remote debugging tools such as secure SSH terminal access, device hardware metrics monitoring, and more.
  • Integrate your own BI tools and databases. Write custom queries and build dashboards with widgets.
  • Use Jupyter Notebooks within the Viso Workspace.
Download the Viso Suite Whitepaper 2022

Viso Suite is the end-to-end solution for computer vision software infrastructure. Deliver high-performance applications faster with no-code.
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