Computer Vision Solutions Viso Suite is the end-to-end solution for organizations to develop and operate their AI vision systems with no-code and low-code. Full Solution

Computer Vision Solutions

Viso Suite is the end-to-end solution for organizations to develop and operate their AI vision systems with no-code and low-code.

Industry Solutions

Viso Suite provides powerful software infrastructure to deliver all your AI vision applications with one solution.

AI Vision Applications

Explore real-world computer vision applications which you can build, deploy and operate with Viso Suite.

Computer vision for mechanical controls recognition

Analog Instruments Reading
Computer Vision application to read analog dials such as gauges, digital displays, and warning light colors using cameras.

Product Detection

Product Detection
Product detection uses deep learning to detect different product types automatically.

YOLOv8 applied in smart cities for pothole detection.

Pothole Detection
Automated detection of potholes with AI vision

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

Automatic Number Plate Recognition
Automated Number Plate Recognition to identify vehicles in real-time.

Ergonomic Risk Analysis

Ergonomic Risk Analysis
AI-based ergonomic risk analysis using cameras to detect the human posture of employees.

Object Counting

Object Counting
Use cameras for automated object counting with deep learning.

Augmented reality with computer vision for eye gaze detection

Eye Gaze Detection
Eye tracking and gaze detection for monitoring the attentiveness and stress levels.

Abandoned Object Detection

Abandoned Luggage
Automatically identify suspicious or dangerous objects placed in public places.

Computer Vision in Manufacturing

Detect personal protective equipment
Automated safety and compliance monitoring to minimize accidents and increase efficiency.

Emotion Recognition with Deep Learning

Facial Emotion Analysis
Perform facial analysis to detect attributes such as gender, age, emotion and more.

Face Detection with Deep Learning Methods

Face Recognition
Use deep face recognition to match human faces against a database in real-time videos.

weapon detection with computer vision

Weapon Detection
Automatically detect weapons in real-time video streams.

Detect Stopping Vehicles

Detect Stopping Vehicles
Detect unexpected vehicle stops, anomalies, and dangerous situations automatically.

Traffic detection with computer vision

Vehicle Dwell Time
Monitor the time vehicles spend at scheduled stops without moving to increase efficiency.

Customer Behavior Analysis

Customer Behavior Analysis
Track the length of time a person spends looking at a display or remains in a specific area.

Fall detection with deep learning

Fall Detection
Automated vision-based fall detection system to recognize human falls.

Posture Recognition with Computer Vision

Posture Recognition
Detect specific human poses such as Lying Down, Sitting, Standing automatically.

Social Distancing Monitoring

Social Distancing Monitoring
Monitor social distancing between people, identify high-risk areas and non-compliance.

Camera for Mask Detection Real-Time Demo

Mask Detection
Automatically detect unmasked people in public spaces or indoors.

Movement Heat Maps

Movement Heat Maps
Crowd detection application to identify human movement trajectories in public spaces.

People detection with video analytics

Intrusion Detection
Detect intrusion events in pre-defined areas by identifying the target’s position, date and time.


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