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Become an AI blog author Become a thought leader in AI, Computer Vision and Deep Learning. Become a contributor with your author profile. Publish articles for the fastest-growing AI vision Blog – reach over 80’000 people. We help with visuals, layout and search optimizations (SEO). Article Submission Contribute to the blog We help you to […]

Become an AI blog author

Become a thought leader in AI, Computer Vision and Deep Learning. Become a contributor with your author profile. Publish articles for the fastest-growing AI vision Blog – reach over 80’000 people. We help with visuals, layout and search optimizations (SEO).

How to contribute as a guest author

1. Submit an article draft

  • Check the guidelines below
  • Write and review a draft article containing with 800-1’500 words
  • Submit the draft through the form

2. We optimize your article

  • The viso team reviews your article
  • We make sure the article is a fit
  • We optimize visuals, format, writing, and SEO optimization.

3. We publish your article

  • We link your author profile
  • The blog article is published publicly
  • We share the blog on Social Media
  • Continuous SEO optimization

What’s in for blog authors

Write for the fastest-growing AI vision blog

We wanted to make our knowledge and experiences accessible to others and make it easy to find easy-to-understand, high-quality articles about visual Artificial Intelligence. That’s why we created viso’s Computer Vision blog. With over 80’000 individual readers per year, we are one of the leading AI vision blogs – and we are growing very fast.

Get found by thousands of readers monthly

You can focus on writing a unique and interesting article – we take care of the SEO optimization and make sure your article will be found. An optimized article is easily read by dozens or hundreds of readers per day. We share the article on Social Media to increase the reach.

Write the article – Get editorial support (SEO)

You write the article – Our team helps you with creating info-charts, visuals and images for your articles. Also, we take care of proof-reading the texts of our contributors. We are passionate about guest blogging and do everything to make sure we provide our readers a great experience, so they link and share the articles they read.

Improve your personal brand – Author Profile

Viso Blog contributors and blog guest writers have their own author profiles. The individual author profiles can easily be found by the readers to get in touch and connect on Social Media. We do everything to help our contributors to build their brand as AI experts. We link your name to the article to your author profile, tag you in social media when we share your article, and more.

Exposure and early access to AI technology

The company that powers the Viso Blog, viso.ai, partners with the world’s most influential tech companies. Get exclusive early access to the latest news, software tools, and hardware chips around AI, deep learning and Computer Vision. Our authors and guest writers have direct access to global AI leaders to be amongst the first to cover new AI technology or expert interviews.

Help others, share ideas, promote your project

Help others by sharing your expertise and perspective, promote your projects or show what you have learned and built. We look for writers with expertise and knowledge in AI vision, deep learning, edge computing or related fields. Both seasoned experts and enthusiasts can apply to become a guest author by handing in a unique draft article that we review.

Topics to write about

Computer Vision Applications

We publish information about Computer Vision Technology with a particular focus on applications. Therefore, we lead the way and showcase real-world use cases and examples of AI vision technology. This includes examples, ideas, research, and case studies featuring Computer Vision applications across multiple industries.

Viso Suite is the newest platform to build and deliver AI vision applications faster, and we are very excited about its potential. While content centered on Viso Suite is ideal, we are also looking for more general content as well.

Deep Learning Technology

We publish content focused on deep learning algorithms, techniques and hardware. This means everything needed to build and apply neural networks for AI-based problem-solving. We provide tutorials, guides, explainers, research reviews, summaries and overviews about deep learning related contents.

By doing so, we emphasize the potential and usage of Deep Learning to solve visual tasks such as Deep Vision and Deep Face Recognition.

Writing guidelines

Make sure your writing is of high quality

Before you submit a draft to the viso blog, please ensure that you have taken the time to proofread your article for grammar, spelling, and language usage. Drafts that contain errors are much less likely to be published in the blog.

Check the publishing agreement

When you submit a draft for publication, you agree to our licensing agreement for content usage and publishing. Our team checks submitted articles for plagiarism and copyright violations. Get in touch if you have questions or need more information about how to correctly refer to external sources. Violations will result to removal of the draft from our publication.

Create new and unique content

Please make sure you create new, unique content that adds something new, creating value to the reader. This can be recent research, a technical tutorial, an interview or expert opinion, and more. If you are unsure if your topic is a good fit for the viso blog, please reach out to us. Please search the viso blog articles to make sure the article’s topic has not been covered before.

Only previously unpublished articles

As a general rule, cannot publish blogs or articles that have been published before. This includes drafts on Medium, a personal blog, or other publication.

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