Root Cause Analysis for Yield Loss.


Root Cause Analysis for Yield Loss in Wafer Fabrication

The process of semiconductor manufacturing involves numerous intricate subprocesses, each with its own set of challenges. Various sensors capture a wide range of data, including tool profiles, temperatures, pressures, and more. The ultimate goal is to produce a flawless semiconductor wafer. However, if any subprocess malfunctions, it can lead to a loss in yield, rendering the entire batch useless and resulting in significant financial losses, potentially amounting to millions of dollars. Identifying the specific subprocess responsible for the yield loss is therefore critical.

To address this challenge, our team of scientists has developed a powerful tool capable of pinpointing the malfunctioning subprocess among the hundreds involved in the fabrication process. Leveraging the recorded data, we have created customized algorithms that leverage geometric insights derived from the collected information. Drawing upon our extensive background in scientific computing, we are able to precisely identify the problematic subprocess, significantly reducing the need for extensive troubleshooting and minimizing human errors. This targeted approach not only minimizes the production of low-yield batches but also provides substantial cost savings for our clients in the semiconductor industry, potentially saving them millions of dollars.

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